Tips to Dress Like a Pastel Goth

Goth and pastel styles can be combined beautifully to create stunning pastel goth outfits. Pastel goth is a style that involves mixing dark goth pieces and bright pastels. It is a good choice when you do not want to look too bright or too dark.

With goth and pastel clothing, you can come up with lovely combos. Below are tips on how to dress like a pastel goth.


1.  Dresses


Stores offer a variety of dresses for the pastel goth look. The designs to choose from include skater, fit, and collared. Select the dress you need, pastel or goth, and match it with dark or bright pieces to bring out the pastel goth appearance. You can pair short and skater dresses with lovely goth or pastel fishnets for a fabulous look.


2.  Skirts


When you are in the mood for pastel goth skirts, there are many ways to pull off a bold yet vibrant look. You can wear a pastel pant skirt with a goth top and enjoy the style. Some goth skirts have bright pastel highlights, so your outfit is not too goth. Wear a skirt with a top that brings together the look beautifully.


3.  Tops


There are various pastel goth tops to try out, including corsets, crewnecks, and graphic t-shirts. You can wear a nice crewneck with leggings for some needed comfort or try a t-shirt with graphic goth prints and shorts. Corset tops are also great for your pastel goth appearance. Try a pastel corset top and a goth skirt, and enjoy this bold style. Gothic hoodies are also available to complete your look.


4.  Hairstyling


Hairstyle is a vital part of any dress code, including pastel goth. You can dye your hair pastel pink, purple, or green to complement your goth outfit. If you do not want to color your hair, synthetic wigs come in handy.

Try out different pastel colors to find what looks perfect on you. Wigs also make it easy to change your hairstyle whenever you like. You can also use pastel goth air accessories like bows, clips, and headbands to get your pastel goth look.


5.  Makeup


Apart from dresses, skirts, tops, and hairstyles, makeup is also part of the pastel goth style. You wear your outfits with black lipstick and bright eyeshadows. Bright lipstick can also go well with goth dresses.

That way, you are not too goth. The pastel goth appearance helps balance goth and pastel styles. If you choose a goth outfit, then wear pastel makeup and accessories. When you are more into pastel clothing, try dark makeup and goth hair accessories.


6.  Jewelry


The right jewelry can accentuate your pastel goth style. You can add a gothic necklace or nose ring to your pastel outfit and bring the bold you to life. You can also wear a goth bracelet, hat, and belt with your outfits for a marvelous pastel goth look.

Try skull earrings for a change and transform your appearance for that party, night out, or gathering with friends.  


7.  Shoes


A pastel goth outfit is not complete without the right shoes. If you are staying indoors, your crewneck and leggings can go well with fuzzy bunny pastel goth slippers. They are comfortable to wear around the house, and you can also run errands while wearing them.

Wear your pastel goth outfits with chunky heels and platform boots for a gorgeous appearance. When you need a break from heels and boots or do not prefer them, you can find flats with goth or pastel features to match your style.


8.  Lingerie


Stores also offer pastel goth lingerie to complete your collection. You can order naughty pastel goth lingerie sets and change your sleepwear for the better. Add pastel and goth items to your pajama drawer, and enjoy how different you feel when wearing them. Choose from different fabrics like velvet and lace and enjoy the comfort and luxurious feel.

Pastel goth is a wonderful style to try. It features various clothes, including t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and lingerie. You can pair clothes with chunky heels and boots and step out looking fabulous. Do not forget your hairstyles, makeup, and jewelry. With pastel wigs, hair accessories, and makeup, you can transform your look.