Pastel Pacifiers

  • These stunning adult sized pacifiers are made of 100% safe BPA-free rubber so you can suck, chew, soothe, and play safely without any nasty chemicals. 
  • This binkie has a full adult size nipple, so it fits naturally in an adults mouth. The mouth guard is slightly smaller than some of our other pacifiers for people with smaller faces, or who prefer the aesthetic of a smaller binkie.
  • It's perfect for the DDLG, ABDL, and CGL communities, and for all littles who just like to explore age regression safely, and look cute to boot!   
  • Adult pacis make great fashion accessories, as well as being very soothing, especially for those on the autism spectrum.
  • In fact, they're often referred to as "soothers", because they can be very relaxing not only for babies, but adults too! 
  • We have a pack of all 3 colors for a discounted price!
  • We also carry an adorable clear plastic case to display your pacifier in, while avoiding germs from the environment! 
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