Black Velour Modern Cheongsam Dress

$39.99 $49.99
  • This alluring black velvet cheongsam dress, inspired by traditional oriental fashion, is a must-have for any fashionable individual with a love for gothic and exotic styles! The dress features a button-up collar in the authentic geisha style, made from a gorgeous velvety soft velour fabric with a traditional oriental print. The sexy deep slits up the thighs add even more allure to the dress, while the traditional halter style completes the look.
  • Available in one size - measure before ordering.
  • - Size: One-Size
    - Dress Length: 85cm (33.46inches)
    - Bust: 76-92cm (29.92-36.22 inches)
    - Waist: 82-100cm (32.28-39.37 inches)
    - Thong Waist: 66-96cm (25.98-37.79 inches)
    - Weight: 40-60kg (88-132.27lb)
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