2023 Trend: How to Wear the Balletcore Fashion

Balletcore has officially returned to fashion these past few years. Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, once walked on the streets of New York City in a white tulle skirt (Tutu Dress) and a pink tight vest in "Sex and the City". In Reuters in 2021, See her walking down the street again with the "ballet core" in the latest season.

Sarah Jessica Parker played the role of Carrie Bradshaw

Inspired by ballet, this style called "balletcore" is on the rise, and girls can't wait to put on fluffy gauze skirts to accommodate this heat wave.

The exposure of ballet elements in the fashion industry rests primarily on the tulle, tutu, lace and waist.

And it is not limited to the world of ballet, but integrates key elements and wearing styles inspired by the performance of ballet dancers and rehearsal clothes in everyone's daily wardrobe.

How to wear the balletcore fashion into our daily life?

1. Tutu Skirt

Because it is necessary to account for practicality, the oversize skirt as an lampshade in balletcore is naturally omitted.

Actually, this type of skirt is easy to buy. Its visual effect is like a cake tutu skirt: the layered skirt can be made of different colors of tulle, and the blurry gaze seems a bit dreamy.

2. Ballet Corset

Tops, body suits, ballerinas, French necklines, leggings, tulles, ribbons and bows are more common in small ballet doses.

It is also often interlaced with the "Barbie Sweetheart" style because it overflows with pink and soft stuff.

If the shape of the lace peach ridge is still too exaggerated, you can try this supple skirt with two petals. It takes into account both the need for "light exposure" and "free stretching", and it is also very comfortable to wear at home.

In general, the biggest difference between the daily version of balletcore and the popular athleisure is that it still has a sense of design with dance aesthetics, while the latter may be more inclined to find a balanced transition between the office and the golf course.

3. Add a Pair of Knitted Socks.
The newly launched ballet shoes in the fall and winter of 2022 obviously have less design, but highlight a new way of wearing - the addition of a pair of knitted socks.
In daily commuting, a pair of knitted socks can make the shape of ballet shoes more warm, and at the same time, it can be matched with different shoes to create a new fashion.
4. Ballet Shoes
The popularity of matching coloured shoes is very high, and it is a signature piece that can be recognized at a glance. It can be paired with narrow pants so that even if you wear thick winter clothes, it won't be too inflated.